Smile Makeover

“Restore Modern Dentistry not only took care of the esthetic part of my smile, but they took care of my overall health of my teeth and smile.”


Smile Makeover

While beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, how you feel about your appearance matters, too.

This fact is definitely true for you how you feel about your smile.

It’s true because a beautiful smile can be one of a person’s greatest physical attributes, and when your smile looks good, you feel good. When you feel good, you smile more. When you smile more, you look more appealing, more approachable and even more trustworthy.

But, what if you don’t love your smile?

What if you hide your smile while you’re taking a picture, or avoid social situations, dating and even job interviews because you’re unsatisfied with your smile’s appearance?

You’re not alone. More than 60 percent of Americans wish to change something about their smile.

We can help.

What Makes a Smile Beautiful?

When you think of a beautiful smile, you probably think of bright white, straight teeth. While those are certainly factors, there are a few more things that go into it, including:

Condition of the teeth. Chipped, broken, decayed, stained or cracked teeth detract from your smile’s appearance.

Gummy smiles. If you have too much gum tissue exposed when you smile, it can detract from your smile by making your teeth look “short.”

The shape of your teeth. Misshapen teeth can affect how your smile looks and your overall oral health.

Tooth placement. Straight teeth are usually considered to be more attractive than crooked teeth, and crowded teeth can also affect your look.

Gaps between teeth. While a gap can be cute in kids, adults want to get rid of too-wide spaces between their teeth in many cases.

Tooth color. Are your teeth stained from aging, diet or behavioral factors like smoking or drinking wine? Generally speaking, whiter teeth make for more attractive smiles.

Symmetry. A beautiful smile should be balanced, matching side to side. It should also complement your facial symmetry and boost your overall appearance.

Restoring Smiles

Are there factors we mentioned above that you would like to change about your smile? You’re not alone. Many individuals feel insecure about their appearance because of their smile and want to do something about it.

If you’re ready to restore your smile, Restore Modern Dentistry can help with a smile makeover.

What Is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is designed to simultaneously address multiple cosmetic or structural dental imperfections to improve your smile’s appearance. Smile makeovers can help treat cracks, chips, fractures, stains, gaps, crowded and crooked teeth, and gummy smiles to return your smile to a state of health and beauty.

Procedures that are often combined in a smile makeover include:

With so many different cosmetic options for your smile makeover treatment, we can help you achieve the exceptional smile you’ve always dreamed about. During the consultation process, we will create a custom treatment plan that’s just for you.

Our Approach | Modern Smile Makeover

You may be hesitant to undergo a smile makeover because it may seem like a lengthy process. But at Restore Modern Dentistry, we take a modern approach to updating your smile. Utilizing the latest digital and imaging technology, we can significantly shrink the time associated with updating your smile so you can see your results sooner!

Additionally, we have an in-house lab, which offers you little to no wait time on restorations such as crowns or cosmetic treatments such as porcelain veneers.

Same-Day Smile Makeover

Want a smile makeover in a day? Coming right up! Our in-house lab and digital services are just some of the factors that have allowed us to shrink the whole process into a single visit in many cases. After an exam and consultation, we make a plan, prep your teeth and create your veneers right in our office. No temporaries, no coming back — you get to leave with a beautiful, new smile!

Who’s a Good Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

Good candidates for smile makeover treatment generally have good dental health but suffer from various cosmetic dental issues. Candidates should have realistic expectations about their smile makeover treatment process, including knowing the risks and benefits involved and having realistic expectations about the length of treatment and complete recovery process.

Not Just Beautiful, But Healthy, Too.

While we love making your smile look great, we also take the time to treat any existing oral and dental health issues. By caring for these needs, we will give you a smile that is both beautiful and healthy!


Are You Ready for a Smile Makeover?

Want to refresh and restore your smile? There’s no time like the present. We’d love to talk to you about your options and how we can give you the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve. Call us now to schedule a consultation.