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Sleep Appliances

Hate your CPAP or looking to reduce your snoring? Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with mild sleep apnea and just want a better nights sleep without a tube attached to your face. 

We have solutions. Sleep Appliances.


The most common option – CPAP

By reviewing your records with a 3D X-Ray and an at-home sleep study that we provide if needed, we can determine the severity of your concerns and where we’re starting from before we begin. This ensures you’re also a great candidate.

Alternatives options for mild-moderate patients

There are two great options for patients needing to breathe better at night without a CPAP. We often use them together, as they compliment one another greatly. Many have found them to be a wonderful alternative to wearing a CPAP.

Sleep Appliances

A sleep appliance, like the MicrO2 appliance, comfortably holds your lower jaw in a more forward position while you sleep, allowing your tongue to come forward which opens the airway behind it!


Nightlase is a laser treatment that opens the airway naturally. By tightening the muscles of the tongue and throat. This keeps the airway open more, and keeps lax tissue from allowing the airway to collapse!

Sleep better. 

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Easy Process

Ready to get started? Here’s how it works.


A quick scan of your teeth and a precise record of your bite is made in a noted position.


We receive your appliance back from the lab and you begin sleeping in it.


We try out the different sets until we reach the best combination.


Let’s see how it improved! There’s a couple of ways to measure your results.

Great Sleep

Sleep well, without the mask this time. Simply pop it in and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Scott Wise

“Diagnosed with sleep apnea several years ago, but refused to deal with the inconvenience of CPAP machines.   Continued to experience  fatigue and excessive snoring, until I got the oral appliance.   This has been a life saver as it is less intrusive than CPAP, fits perfectly, and helps control snoring.  My wife and I both now get better sleep and feel great.”

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What to Do?

Usually the problem seems pretty small.  “It only happens when…” Then comes a day where it affects daily life.  You have to be careful what foods you eat or can’t leave home without your favorite OTC headache relief.  As the problem becomes chronic, the discomfort spreads. Take control and let’s find a solution. Give is a call and let’s set up a consultation!

Schedule a Consult

Schedule a virtual or in-office consultation. Let’s diagnose the problem and discuss some solutions!


Review the Problem

We’ll find a time to gather the data we need so we can review your specific findings and explain a path forward for life-long relief. 

Plan a Solution

With a proper diagnosis and a clear path forward, you can finally have control over the problem that you’re living with everyday. 

How can we help you today?

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