Scale and Root Planings

Don’t be confused by the name. It’s not as scary as it sounds, this procedure is really just a deep clean for your teeth and gums.


Root Planing and Scaling

During a root planing and scaling procedure, your hygienist uses special tools to gently scrape off layers of hardened deposits from beneath the gumline. The goal is to reduce inflammation caused by disease-causing bacteria and promote healing.

Root planing and scaling can also help improve your overall gum health. Regular deep cleanings may be required if you’re in advanced stages of periodontal disease to help prevent tooth loss, improve bad breath, and protect your gum tissue and overall health.

Root planing and scaling is usually performed during one visit. However, sometimes multiple procedures might need to occur until all areas are cleaned thoroughly. Root planing and scaling will not hurt unless done improperly. In fact, most patients report no discomfort whatsoever.


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