Evelyn – Clear Aligners

I’m Evelyn. I started Restore Dental about seven years ago.…

I’m Evelyn. I started Restore Dental about seven years ago. I have three kids, two grandbabies. I am a real estate agent here in Northwest Arkansas. I have lived in this area my whole entire life. I started seeking treatment at Restore Dental. I had a front tooth here that was crooked. It bothered me most of my life. My smile affected me because I just thought everybody was always staring at my crooked teeth.

I grew up in the 80s, so I didn’t want to have braces as a kid. That was something that the rich people had, right? That was never an option for me. As I grew up to be an adult, I had an opportunity to change my smile, and I just went ahead and went for it. I had the refined, clear liners. I was really excited to change my smile. I knew that I would no longer have some confidence issues with my smile. I wouldn’t feel like people were staring at my mouth every time I’d have a conversation with them. So it was really a big confidence booster for me.

…it was really a big confidence booster for me.


So the process to get my liners, I had a mold done on my teeth, and then after the mold was done, Dr. English ordered the liners and then we made sure they fit. I think it was every six weeks we would come in and change the liners. So little by little, they would just start changing. It’s just a process that way. It was a pain at first, but you get used to it, and the end product is definitely worth it.

Hey, I’m back. We just became a little family. The office is very welcoming. The team is very welcoming. Everybody is super nice. I would recommend this practice for refine liners because the process is easy. It doesn’t cost a ton of money. Dr. English is so patient and kind and gentle. I was never worried that I was going to get hurt when I came in here. It’s just a really easy process.