How Bob Achieved the Smile He Really Wanted

My name is Robert and I’ve been coming to Restore…

My name is Robert and I’ve been coming to Restore for approximately two months now. For many years, my front teeth, I’ve grinded them down, and it’s your front teeth, so it’s embarrassing when you smile and you don’t really have a smile anymore. When I was younger, I had a beautiful smile and it really bothered me. I wouldn’t really smile, and if I did, I was embarrassed. I may have not have been as open and more personable. I probably wasn’t meeting as many people as I will now. It’s a confidence builder when you have front teeth that look good.

I’ve never had a better experience at a dental office in my entire 56 years that I’ve been alive.


Trying to find someone to fix that is a lot more of a daunting task than most people realize. I originally had one of my molars crowned, and then I debated on should I do my front teeth or not. It’s just a really big decision for me. One, it’s my smile. If it gets messed up, then I have to live with it the rest of my life. Probably the one thing that I would say that helped me with my decision was the fact that Restore’s ratings was like 1200 people rated them a five star.

So I figured if to get 1200 people or 1200 ratings to get a five star, you’re doing something right. I thought about doing this procedure for many, many years now. Now, obviously, I’m glad I did this. Every bit of this experience has been good. Dr. English sat down and explained the procedure. The whole time we did it, I was never in any pain. From the Novocain to the drilling, no discomfort. I had no issues at all. I was really, really worried that when you first initially see your smile for the first time with your veneers, is this going to be what you really hope for? Once she showed me with the mirror, I was very pleased with the results. One of the things I told her is I didn’t want it to look like I had fake teeth in my front, obviously. And she was able to make them not perfect because teeth typically aren’t perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better result of what I got. It really went really well. I told everybody I wasn’t going to share this with my wife, and I was going to see if she noticed. I was eating at a restaurant and my wife was smiling big and she noticed it.


So it was really cool. Everybody here has been very open to open, honest, very easy to get along with, very friendly. I’ve never had a better experience at a dental office in my entire 56 years that I’ve been alive. I can’t thank them enough. I mean, it’s changed my life in a lot of ways. I think just having confidence in your smile is huge for anybody. I would highly recommend any procedure from Restore.