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First Stop to Dental Health

We always say the first call is the first step. It’s an easy step, but so many find it hard to do. Please don’t hesitate to call, you’ll simply find someone on the other end ready to talk and to help you find solutions for whatever it is you’re looking for.
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What to bring?

Bring any details about benefits you might have, and any specific questions you’re looking to have answered.

The one thing you don’t need to bring: self-judgement or guilt.

Please leave those items outside, we don’t welcome them here.

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What to Expect Your first Visit

Regardless what you come for, you’ll be treated like family. Here’s what you can expect when you come!


Welcome by name

We tend to get to know you, so don’t be surprised when you hear your name as you reach the top of our stairs!


Check you in

Our patient coordinator will mark that you’ve arrived, answer any questions you have about benefits or our office, and snag you a beverage.


Beverage and tour

After grabbing something to drink, we’ll give you a tour of the office, showing you all of our technology and modern options.


Get you ready

After being seated, you’ll have your choice of amenities to ensure your comfort. Before you know it, the doctor will be with you.


Meet the Doc

We’re about relationships here, and exploring together what patient’s are in search for. A plan gets built together, not just by the doctor.


Review the plan

After we discover your concerns, we’ll tailor a plan just for. Then all of your questions about time and costs will be reviewed for peace of mind.

Get Started

“Changing the way the world views dentistry.”

Comfy Amenities

“I always say if the house I live in is comfortable, and I have all the amenities I need, then what more can you ask for?”

– Ray Allen


Massage Chair

Heated and Massage dental chairs! If you’re going to be in one, might as well be the best one.

Warm Blanket

Heated chair not enough? How about a freshly washed blanket rolled and ready for you.

Netflix & Mill

Having a crown made or wanting a distraction from the work? What’s your favorite show? Let’s que it up!

Headphones & Music

Soothing ocean? Maybe a rainstorm? Or if country music is your thing we got you covered.

Drinks & Joe

Have your pick from Fiji water to a warm cup of starbucks coffee. ICE drinks, and more… the fridge is stacked.

Scented Towels

Scented towels are always ready after the procedure to help freshen you up before you go.


Still have questions?