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Smile Makeover

 “Restore Modern Dentistry not only took care of the esthetic part of my smile, but they took care of my overall health of my teeth and smile.”

– Angie

What factors contribute to a beautiful smile?


Too big? Too smile? Just right. There’s a mathmatical and natural size to our teeth. A beautiful smile respects the contours and size of teeth that compliment the patient.


Color exists of many things, with teeth it’s even more complicated. There’s hue and saturation of course, but value and opacity of the restorations also affect the natural look.


Nothing’s worse than investing in a makeover but not getting what you thought. The teeth must be aligned just right, and with our knowledge of orthodontics, this factor won’t be missed.


A natural and beautiful smile is symmetrical. It should match from side to side, and compliment the symmetry of the face.

Natural Appearance

A beautiful smile makeover is one that looks real, natural, and reflects what only God can design in the first place. All factors must be considered to ensure a natural result.

Traditional Smile Makeover

Traditional smile design can take several appointments. After discussion and a possible mockup is made, the teeth are prepared and a physical impression is taken for the lab. After the impression, the temporary restorations are bonded to last during the 2-3 weeks of time that’s required for the lab to make the restorations. During the final visit, the patient is numbed again, the temporaries are removed, and the final restorations are bonded in place.

Modern Smile Makeover

Modern smile design takes a different approach. Utilizing the latest digital and lab technology, we shrink the whole process into a single visit! After the same discussion and plan is made, the teeth are prepped and a digital scan is taken. A design is created right then, sent to the mills in our office for fabrication, and the final restorations are bonded. No temporaries, no coming back. Isn’t technology a wonder?


How we do it

Here’s more about the process for a one-day smile makeover.

Restore Discuss

Discussion and Plan

The process starts with a plan, one we make together. This helps guide us in creating your ideal smile.

Restore Preperation

Smile Preparation

After reviewing the plan, we prepare the teeth as conservatively as possible. Foregoing temporaries helps us be more conservative too! 

Restore Digital design

Final Digital Design

The final design is created either in the office, or emailed to a lab partner who creates the final outcome and sends it right back, all within an hour. 

Restore Fabricate

Fabrication within Office

Once the final design is complete, we send the design files to our porcelain mills which create your restorations from solid blocks of porcelain.

Restore Bond

Bond and Adjust

The final restorations are polished, characterized if needed, and placed in the oven for hardening. They are then bonded in place and your smile is complete! 

CEREC for the Win!

Our digital workflow couldn’t exist without CEREC. Beautiful smile restorations can now be expedited and made within hours instead of weeks. 

CEREC Omnicam

The camera

A 3D color scanner that creates a digital model of your teeth. No impression material, just a quick scan with a magic wan

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The mills

The CEREC Mill allows us to mill a porcelain restoration right here in the office. And with several mills, we can make more restorations faster.

Programat CS4 Image3

The oven

The oven heats up your restorations to 700+ degrees in order to harden and strengthen them for optimal esthetics & outcome!

More reasons to smile. 

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3D Printing

By adding a 3D printer into our digital workflow, we made the process even better.  

Printed Diagnostic Models

A diagnositc models let’s us review your smile plan in 3D or even try-in your final smile design.

Try-in Models for Perfect Fit

Trying on the restorations with a 3D model ensures the bonding procedure is flawless!

Use your smile to change the world but don’t let the world change your smile.

“I started to have to bond with soft foods. People started to ask “why are you in your 30’s and still eating baby food?”.

– Angie

We got Answers!

Here’s what we’ve seen individuals ask the most often:

What does a smile makeover involve?

 Often patients will have multiple concerns about their overall smile.  Our goal with a smile makeover is to provide you with a confident and healthy smile.  It all starts with discussing your hopes and concerns and developing a plan that will address your specific needs.  There are a combination of treatments that we will use to design the perfect smile that addresses your aesthetic needs.

I'm really interested in this, what's the first step?

Great! The first step is to give us a call and set-up an initial consultation so we can discuss your wants and needs. Give us a call at 918-393-0070 or email us at theteam@breathedentistry.com

How can we help you today?

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