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Cranial Facial Pain

There’s a lot of different terms for pain that’s felt from the neck up, but this one takes the cake.

What is CFP or how is it defined?

Cranial Facial Pain is actually a fancy term that encompasses a bunch of different issues.  Essentially, if you struggle with pain, pressure, soreness, or tension in any part of your head or neck, you are experiencing Cranial facial Pain.  This also includes migraines or chronic headaches.

1. Headaches / Migraines

When the bite and or jaw develoment is off, the muscles of the head and neck will feel it. And so in turn will you. 

2. Facial Pain

Did you know facial pain is often too a result of a bad bite and muscle exhaustion? It’s part of a system that relies on balance.

3. TMD

TMJ issues fall under a term called Tempormandibular Disease, which itself includes all joint issues and associated pain. 

4. Neck Pain

You may not know this, but your neck and back muscles, along with your head posture, are greatly impacted by the way your teeth come together. A bad bite can create havoc on your neck.

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What are the most common causes of CFP?

A Bad Bite

Our teeth must come together to chew and eat, and that requires our jaws to position themselves together just right. Several muscles are responsible to make that happen, and if they have to work harder than they should to do that, you’ll likely be in pain.

Sleep Related Breathing Disorders

Many don’t know they have a sleep related breathing disorder, and even fewer realize that muscle related pain can result from responses of the face and jaws to lack of airflow. 

Mid-Face Deficiency

The most common theme among cranial facial pain patients is mid-face deficiencies.  Since this deficiency leads to smaller airways and retruded jaws, the patient is exposed to all sides of potential causes.

Injury Related

Of course many may suffer from nerve damage and injuries to the head and neck region. Treatment of these problems is normally beyond our reach or realm of treatment options. We know when we can help, and when we cannot, but that’s why people trust us.

What are the options?

There are several ways to treat the causes of CFP once the cause is identified. Here are the most common ways we help find relief and remove the pain. 

Neuromuscular Therapy

This approach to the designing the bite starts with the muscles. By approaching your muscles first, we alter the bite to compliment a psition of low muscle activity, thereby reducing inflammation and  pain.

Splint Therapy

Splint therapy is often the first step to a final outcome. By designing a splint to compliment the bite and the system around the bite, we can find a position of relief and then move forward with something more permanent.

Correction of Mid-Face Deficiency

This is an orthopedic approach that places the jaws and the bite together in a way that compliments the face, muscles, and airway, resulting in relief.

TMD Treatment

TMD is one of the symptoms in a bad bite or misaligned jaws. By treating the TMD, we also treat the causes of it and therefore the cause of your pain to begin with,

Airway Treatment & Management

Airway issues, such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea and UARS can be ofted managed from a dental standpoint with appliances that ultimately resolve the source of pain tension we may have.

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