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Amenities just for you.

It may just be a dental clinic in Bentonville, but that doesn’t mean our office has to feel like one. We know the office appearance doesn’t define the patient experience, but it does add to it. So see why people tend to rave about our office amenities!

The five senses

We’ve addressed each way of experiencing our office during your short time with us. As each sense was considered, a solution was designed to ensure the most comfortable and enjoyable dental visit possible in dentistry. 












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The little things matter.

With a cozy environment and custom sunglasses to protect your eyes during each visit, our office ensures what you see and how you see it is as enjoyable as it gets. And the office has an allure all its own.

With a custom scent added to the air treatment system, the office maintains an incredibly relaxing smell, unlike the clinics of old that smelt like harsh chemicals and the typical “dental office.” 

Without our great team, these amenities wouldn’t be possible! Meet our team!

Does tech count?

Some of the most comfortable amenities we offer aren’t your ordinary amenities.  They are comforts that come by way of technology.

With these added technologies, the comfort you’ll experience will extend beyond the atmosphere and into the clinical care itself. They can save you from some of the most annoying and uncomfortable parts of traditional dentistry!

Comfy Amenities

“I always say if the house I live in is comfortable, and I have all the amenities I need, then what more can you ask for?”

– Ray Allen


Massage Chair

Heated and Message dental chairs! If you’re going to be in one, might as well be the best one.

Warm Blanket

Heated chair not enough? How about a freshly washed blanket rolled and ready for you. 

Arcade & Mill

Having a crown made or wanting a distraction from the work? What’s your favorite retro arcade game? 

Headphones & Music

Soothing ocean? Maybe a rainstorm? Or if country music is your thing we got you covered.

Drinks & Joe

Have your pick ffrom Ice cold refreshments to a warm cup of coffee… the fridge is stacked.

Welcome to your home of confidence.


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