A New Way

We know that you love our interesting and compelling blogs about all topics related to dentistry. Who wouldn’t? This time we decided to switch things up just a bit and talk about something else that’s very exciting: cryptocurrency!

Wait, what? Why? You’ll find out if you keep reading!

Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, is relatively new, just making its way to the marketplace in the last few years. But the popularity of cryptocurrency is increasing, and more and more people are using it to invest, buy goods and pay for services.

So many people are choosing to use cryptocurrency to pay for their everyday purchases that we’ve begun to take it as a way to pay for your dental treatments.

What Is Cryptocurrency? 

Cryptocurrency is a digital medium designed to work as a way to pay for goods and services. These digital assets are owned by individuals and stored in a computerized database, kept secure by strong cryptography.

Cryptography is a way of protecting information and transmissions through the use of codes.

Controls are placed on the database to limit the creation of additional coins, secure transaction information and validate coin ownership.

Cryptocurrency does not generally exist in a physical form, such as paper money or coins. Cryptocurrencies are not frequently issued by centralized authorities, a stark difference to fiat currencies, which are government-issued and backed by gold. Cryptocurrency can be issued by a single user or through a blockchain, which serves as a public financial transaction database.

So, Why Do I Need It?

Many people fear that their personal data will be stolen in this age of identity theft and security breaches. It’s not far-fetched; we hear about security breaches with credit card companies and other service providers regularly.

But with cryptocurrencies, owners have a degree of anonymity.

Transactions are kept private and protected. So, you can trust, with the utmost confidence, that your information is safe and secure.

Processing fees are generally 1 percent, which is lower than those charged when using credit cards or debit cards. Using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies eliminates brokerage fees and people in the middle of transactions, which reduces fees. This means it costs less to transfer funds.

Many individuals also like cryptocurrency because it is a departure from cash, which can be hard to keep up with, requiring trips to the bank for withdrawals and deposits. Many people moved away from using cash during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another convenient benefit of cryptocurrency is that you can pay from your mobile phone, which you probably always carry, versus your checkbook or debit card!

Fast and Instant Payments

Need to make a payment quickly? Consider cryptocurrency. By cutting out the middle man, you do not have to wait on banks to process your payment, which means you know your balance quickly and easily.

So, Why Are We Telling You About Cryptocurrency?

As we said, we’re telling you this because we just started taking cryptocurrency as a form of payment for dental care, and we’re excited!

In fact, we’re the first dental office in Arkansas to accept cryptocurrency to cover the cost of treatments or the cost of your insurance co-pay.

We moved to take cryptocurrency because it’s the modern way to pay, and we are a modern dental office.

We pride ourselves on offering our patients the most modern and high-quality dental care. We use advanced tools and technology, such as digital imaging, and we even have an in-house laboratory to optimize efficiency in creating crowns, veneers and dental implants.

Not only do we provide modern solutions for your dental problems, but we’re also up-to-date with our technology, and we pride ourselves on staying educated and aware of trending dental issues and topics.

As a result, we offer treatments that go beyond the standard dental cleanings, periodontal treatments and cosmetic services, including treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and other common, yet often underdiagnosed, jaw joint problems; help with facial growth problems; patient education on the impact of these issues on the jaw; and airway orthodontics as a treatment for sleep breathing disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea.

We do not just focus on the health of teeth and gums, and we don’t just treat you like a patient. Our approach is to treat you like a person and understand how your oral and overall health are connected and frequently go hand in hand.

Learn more about our practice and our service offerings by calling us today and scheduling a consultation.